Idiom and Grammar (and chariots again!)

Steve Farmer saf at SAFARMER.COM
Mon Apr 9 04:19:48 EDT 2001

S. Bhatta writes:

> But each one of those languages is a world in and of itself unless you are
> you suggesting an essentialist position and thereby wiping away the
> distinctness of each language, culture, time, author, etc. the list goes on.
> Is this so?
> The universality of language, is it that which qualifies to leave your area
> to wander into another?

You are invited to point out all errors in evidence that I make on this
List, Mr. Bhatta -- in Sanskrit or on any other matters. Curiously, none of
your posts have ever mentioned any. Now that we agree that I'm a
comparative historian and not a Vedicist, is there a *specific* Indological
issue that you want to discuss on the List? I'm always eager to learn from
knowledgeable scholars.

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