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Jogesh Panda jogeshpanda at NETSCAPE.NET
Thu Nov 30 18:34:46 EST 2000

Daniela Rossella <ghezziem at TIN.IT> wrote:
Dearest Colleagues, I am looking for the most recent translation in any
Western languages (Italian, too) of the Mirabai's Padavali (with the Hindi
text) and Vidyapati's Padabali (translation and original text).
Can anyone help me?
Many Thanks,

There are at least a dozen translations of Mirabai's poems into English. I do
not remember if any of these has the original as well except for the
translation [not always reliable] by S. Futehally which contains a romanized
text. I have seen the translations of Pritish Nandi [a dear friend, but a very
creative translator], K.P Bahadur [ Mr. Bahadur is a prolific translator of
many Indian texts], A.J. Alston [good], Andrew Schelling [most recent].
N.Balbir's translation into French is much appreciated.

Vidyapati has been translated by the great Aurobindo [which I have seen, no
original], a Mr. Datta in the 1930s or 1940s [I have not seen the book], and
by Deben Bhattacharya [most recent]. For bibliographical details, you might go
to the very useful LOC  web site.

Hope this helps.

Best wishes,
Jogesh Panda

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