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On Tue, 28 Nov 2000, Emilio Ghezzi wrote:

> I am looking for a devotional Sanskrit text (with English translation)
> similar to Jayadeva's Gitagovinda: in other words, a text in which the love
> for God is expressed in a strong erotic language, and according to
> kavya-style.

It is quite a different thing, but may be of interest, too: You
know Ramacandra's Rasikaranjana? Every verse has a double meaning
(as well as a srngara and a vairagya sense). It was published and
translated in 1896 by Richard Schmidt.

> Furthermore, I have a great difficulty to find this text: Somaprabhacarya's
> Srngaravairagyatarangini ("the wave of the rasa of love and of the
> renouncement").
> Someone can help me?
> Many Thanks, Yours faithfully
> Daniela Rossella

Somaprabha's text was published in the Kavyamala series (the one
with Roman numbering, not to be confounded with the general
Kavyamala series). The title is:

        Somaprabhacaryaviracita Srngaravairagyatarangini
        Sukhabodhikaya vrttya sameta. In: Kavyamala : a collection
        of old and rare Sanskrit Kavyas ... / ed. by Pandit
        Durgaprasad and Kasinath Pandurang Parab. -- Part V. --
        Bombay : Nirnaya-Sagara Press, 1888, pp. 124-141

I have seen a reprint of the 14 parts (in Roman numbering)
published in Varanasi 1988, it may be still available.

Hope it helps,
Peter Wyzlic

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