Dravidian Ramadhan

Narayan R. Joshi giravani at JUNO.COM
Mon Nov 27 08:43:04 EST 2000

Today(Nov.27, 2000) is the important day-the beginning of Islamic Ramadhan
based on Lunar calendar and beginning of Dravidian Ramadhan based on the
Luni-solar calendar with SAyan calculations.Holy Koran was revealed first
time in the month of Ramadhan, the ninth month of Lunar calendar, the first
month being Moharram. Holy GItA was revealed on the 11th day in the month
of MArgashIr.sa, the ninth month of Luni-solar calendar, the first month
being Caitra.In GItA Lord Kri.sNa says,"...among the months, I am the month
of MArgashIr.sa"(GItA,Ch 10, Verse35). Muslims eat before sunrise and fast
all day during Lunar Ramadhan.Hindus used to eat Khicadi-PApad(Apalam)
before sunrise but slowly forgot the age-old custom. The month of
MArgashIr.sa is the month of Sagittarius, the sign of the planet Jupiter,
the Guru,the holy Preceptor. On the full moon day of this month, the
immaculate birth of Gurudev Datta is celebrated who is three gods in One
and the only begotten(Datta)son of the spiritual couple sage Atri and his
chaste wife AnasUyA.However according to the Solar calendar with Nirayan
calculations, the Dhanur-mAsa (Month of Sagittarius)will start this year on
Dec.15. Danur-mAsa Vratam consists of taking bath early in the morning and
engaging in worship of Lord in the hours immediately preceding sunrise.This
Vratam has been extolled by Sri AndAl in Tiruppavai and by saint
Manikkavachakar in TiruvempAvai. To honor Prophet of Islam and Lord
Kri.sNa, let us fast at least on one day on GItA Jayanti cum MoxadA
EkAdashI or fast on any day of your choice of Ramadhan of your choice! Then
perform Vrata UdyApanam or IftikAr party.Thanks.

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