Black as Evil

Sat Nov 25 20:10:56 EST 2000

N. Ganesan wrote (or quoted ?):

> >The Bible is replete with contrasts between light and darkness,
> >with Genesis 1, in which God created the light, found that it was
> >and set it to rule over the darkness.
Looking at a copy of the most recent translation of Genesis, in the
latest JPS edition (1999) of the Hebrew-English Tanakh, I can see no
mention of God setting the light to rule over the darkness.  The bit
about finding it "good" is a refrain repeated at each stage throughout
the entire creation cycle of Gen 1 ending up with "And God saw that
*all* He had made, and found it very good".  I can't see anything that
explicitly states light is good and darkness is bad in this chapter.
FYI:  This portion of Genesis is Elohist (E) and is generally dated in
toto to c750BCE.

Best wishes,
Stephen Hodge

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