Mesopotamia & North Syria

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>>While other civilizations had or seem to have much energy for civic
>>ventures like palaces, gyms, baths, city centres, etc, why there is a near
>>absense of it - the remains of them anyway- in India.
>Indus civ. remains are mainly secular architecture built
>with millions of bricks. No temples, or nothing can be
>said to be clearly palaces either.

True, we have Indus valley remains. But we don't know the 'civilization'
part of it i.e. the people who inhabited, their language, culture, etc. We
don't find references of it from other countries also.

In contrast to this, the languages of Mesapatomia have been deciphered,
tens of thousands of clay tablets read and through  that we have good idea
of the myths, religion, politics and history of the region. Apart from that
we have cross references with Egyptian, Jewish and other countries. We have
a reasonable reconstruction of the history of those people, which is
contantly being refined

All this is lacking at present in IVC. That is why I did not include that
in 'classical India'

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