Indology's Future?

Phillip Ernest phillip.ernest at UTORONTO.CA
Thu Nov 16 20:07:43 EST 2000

On Thu, 16 Nov 2000, Kumar wrote:
> V.V Raman has been a positive influence on Indological matters on this list for
> quite some time.  It would be unfair for someone to ask him to leave the list
> because of his single posting.  It is OK to disagree with his ideas.
> I urge him to stay on the list.
> Alok Kumar
Let me second this.  He sent me a personal e-mail when I responded on list
to his original post-- which was, admittedly, regrettably obscure on which
opinions were his own, and which ones he was only representing as current
in some circles.  Let's save ostracisation for really heinous crimes of
malice.  I know he meant to do not harm, but was only alerting us to this
trend of thought, of which we should all be aware, and should discuss, as
we have been doing.

P. Ernest

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