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I am studying a 9th century inscription which contains a cosmologically-
based list of incarnations terminating with 'a reflection of abhayada'. The
reference refers, in one sense, to a transcendent tathagata Buddha figure
of Amitabha. However, is the same epithet 'abhayada' also used in a Sivaite

If so, then where might I find a textual reference to its usage?

Pehaps, Puranic texts?


Ram. has abhayada two times: 4022010, 7006016;
Mbh. three times: 02022056, 02030012, 12237014

I have looked through ZivasahasranAmastotra, and it seems
the text doesn't contain the epithet.

(But check it once more, just to be on the safe side).

Hoping it helps,

Artur Karp
University of Warsaw,

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