, Lefmann & Hokazono.

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>Lefmann's edition has been reprinted in Japan. Some years ago, I have seen
>an advertisement of the publisher Meicho Fukyu Kai, Tokyo indicating a 2
>volume reprint (for Yen 19,000). I do not know if it is still

yes, it is:  ISBN 4-89551-298-3. The price is the same.

>  By the way, you know that Koichi Hokazono has published a new
>edition of chap. 1-14 together with a Japanese translation? The title is:
>         Hokazono, Koichi: Raritavisutara no kenkyu / Hokazono Koichi
>         cho. -- Jo-kan. -- Tokyo : Daito Shuppan-sha, 1994. -- X, 989 p.
>I am not sure if part 2 has been published.

vol 2 not listed in the 2001 Bukkyosho Somokuroku (+ Japanese books
in print on Buddhism).

vol 1 = ISBN 4-500-00600-1, Yen 22330.

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