Black and Bright and Beautiful

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Mon Nov 13 20:31:28 EST 2000

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>2. One may still ask if  there are Tamil Brahmins who would name their
>karuppan? And if not, why not? Please understand that I am not here to pass
>value judgments, to attacking or defend anybody, much less to pick up a fight,
>I am just wondering.
>V. V. Raman
>November 13, 2000

Without knowing (?) the basic meaning, Tamil Brahmins (especially the
mothers) do call children as 'kaNNa'. They think they are referring to
Krishna. But then both Krishna and kaNNa are different rendering of the
same. - black. It is as if calling a child with love as 'Blacky'.

Interesting, is it not? 'En kaNNullE, En kaNNuk kutti'

With regards,
(Krishnan alias kaNNan)

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