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> "Aruna" and "Urvana" must either reflect the pronunciation of Varuna
in a
> Hittite/Luwian mouth, or this was how these names were known.

Precisely, and the question is how to decide. The only argument for the
former is the circular `because that is the only one that makes sense in
Vedic'. [It is circular because the source of these names is the bone of

An independent way to decide is to look at the allowed sound sequences
in the languages involved. On this ground, I find it hard to believe
that these reflect the pronunciation in Hittite or Luwian: Neither
initial w [or wa-] nor the sequence -ru- seems to be prohibited in these
two languages. I don't know anything about Hurrian, and I hoped that you
could shed some light about these sound sequences in it.

I call attention to the last publication concerning this problem: O.
Carruba: Zur Überlieferung einiger Namen und >Appellativa der Arier von
Mitanni- a Luwian look" in: Indoarisch, Iranisch und die Indogermanistik ed.
by B. Forssman and R. Plath, Reichert Verlag Wiesbaden 2000, p. 51-68. Best
wishes Schlerath, Berlin

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