Folk etymology of "namaH"

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Dear list members,

Firstly many thanks to Yaroslav Vassilkov, Valerie Roebuck,  Peter
Schreiner,  V.V. Raman, Peter wyzlic, and V. Vijayaraghavan for the
information about "bhagavAn".  Another word I have to write a few words on
is "namaH" and I've come across an etymology of "namaH" that sounds very
much like a folk etymology.  In this etymology "namaH" is described as a
corrupt form of "na mama" (not mine) from the sacrificial oblation formula
"agne idam na mama" .  If this is a traditional etymology does anyone
recognize it and know from where in the literature it comes from?  The two
separate books I've seen this etymology in are modern books about Ganesha
(neither gives a reference).

Many thanks,

Harry Spier
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Hurleyville, New York
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