beautiful Gods In Films and Serials

Surbhi surbhi5276 at YAHOO.COM
Fri Nov 10 07:21:41 EST 2000

Much of the depiction of gods and goddesses is guided by
popular Bollywood culture..which explains the often absurd
outfits of characters in adaptations of mythology for screen.
Women Characters often wear less,the silhouettes conforming to
the fashions of 90's.Mahabharata of B.R.Chopra has a scene
of "Ganga" walking out of the river,looking scintillating in white
body clinging clothes and Shantnu throwing amorous glances..
typical Hindi movie style..
NOT just the costumes but sometimes the dialogues also conform
to the popular Patriarchal modern interpretations..for example
in the war scenes the "astra" usually explode a la bollywood style..
Some of the passages  or incident which do not fit into the popular folk-lore are
conveniently deleted..
It is painful to watch the butchering of the mythological texts.Since Films and 
T.V. are a popular medium,majority of the population blindly believes in what is being shown
and now we have the popular idea circulating that 'krishna" was a connoisseur
of women and politics apart from being a divine being,who liked wearing make-up 
and filigree. 

Surbhi Goel

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