Analogies,valid and invalid (was Re: Scenario of language replacement)

Vidhyanath Rao rao.3 at OSU.EDU
Thu Nov 9 17:15:40 EST 2000

On Thu, 9 Nov 2000 00:18:32 +0100, Bjarte Kaldhol <bjartekal at AH.TELIA.NO>

>Does somebody
>assert that the Aryan invasion/migration into India is so unique that no
>parallels exist elsewhere?

Of course not. And that is precisely the problem: Under what conditions do
people change their language? The modern thinking (at least outside India :-
^) favors people changing their language for reasons of economic or social
advantage (much as Indians learning English today: Without English, you
can't get a software job in US), not by brute force. But then, what was the
situation in ancient India that led to IA languages taking over.

BTW, this discussion on this list is old and in the current climate is
likely to be quite counter-productive. Count your blessings if you don't
understand it :-)


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