Analogies,valid and invalid (was Re: Scenario of language replacement)

Vidyasankar Sundaresan vsundaresan at HOTMAIL.COM
Thu Nov 9 15:03:41 EST 2000

>I do not understand a word of what is being discussed here. Does
Dear Dr. Kaldhol,

I'm sorry that there was a communication gap. Your comments indicate that
you did understand some of it after all.

>assert that the Aryan invasion/migration into India is so unique that

I don't know. As a relatively new list member, you are perhaps unaware of
the history behind these meta issues. What I find highly regretful is that
some people on the list have a clear attitude problem. Whenever a person
with an Indian name makes a comment, the response immediately seems to be to
call him a name, rather than to address the merits of the issue.

As for invasion or migration, I have no problem with either word. I agree
with your contention that perhaps every people have been invaders of other
peoples, throughout history. However, when Indologists vehemently disclaim
the term "Aryan invasion" and insist that they nowadays talk only of "Aryan
migration", I would like them to make it clear on what grounds they
differentiate between the two, and how the latter can account for linguistic
change in ancient India, without involving the former.

>I agree that we should avoid using words like "chauvinist". Let us

I am glad. Perhaps the gentleman who used the word will agree too.

>our views clearly and succinctly and refrain from using emotionally loaded
>words as well as abstruse philosophical terms.

Sorry about that, but in my view, philosophical theories influence how
people think and act. In an academically heavy list as this, it can get
abstruse once in a while. I brought it up only to emphasize the importance
of analogies in many fields of human knowledge. While no analogy can be
perfect in all respects, it is still reasonable to demand that analogies
should not be deeply flawed.


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