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Recently there was a question on the connextion between
ethnics and their mother tongues. Between ethnic troibals
and their Dravidian dialects/languages. This is a complex
question, and the language passion by ethnic groups cannot
be easily dismissed. The Oxford university is publishing
a book on this affinity value in the postmodern Europe.
Due next month.

Sure, Indologists will take sometime to discuss this
important issue in the third world underclasses -
on ethnic Gonds or Tamil paRaiyar.


Language and Nationalism in Europe

This book examines the role of language in the present and past
creation of social, cultural, and national identities in Europe.
It considers the way in which language may sometimes reinforce
national identity (as in England) while tending to subvert
the nation-state (as in the United Kingdom).


Stephen Barbour: Chapter 1: Introduction: Nationalism, Language, Europe
Stephen Barbour: Chapter 2: Britain and Ireland: The Varying Significance
of Language for Nationalism
Anne Judge: Chapter 3: France: 'One State, One Nation, One Language?'
Clare Mar-Molinero: Chapter 4: The Iberian Peninsula: Conflicting Linguistic
Lars S. Vikør: Chapter 5: Northern Europe: Languages as Prime Markers
of Ethnic and National Identity
Robert B. Howell: Chapter 6: The Low Countries: A Study in Sharply
Contrasting Nationalisms
Stephen Barbour: Chapter 7: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg:
The Total Coincidence of Nations and Speech Communities?
Carlo Ruzza: Chapter 8: Language and Nationalism in Italy: Language as a
Weak Marker of Identity
Barbara Törnquist-Plewa: Chapter 9: Contrasting Ethnic Nationalisms:
Eastern Central Europe
Cathie Carmichael: Chapter 10: 'A People Exists and that People has its
Language': Language and Nationalism in the Balkans
Peter Trudgill: Chapter 11: Greece and European Turkey: From Religious to
Linguistic Identity
Cathie Carmichael: Chapter 12: Coming to Terms with the Past: Language
and Nationalism in Russia and its neighbours
Cathie Carmichael: Chapter 13: Conclusions: Language and National
Identity in Europe


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