Buddhism in Bangladesh

Johanna Buß jbuss at IX.URZ.UNI-HEIDELBERG.DE
Wed Nov 1 11:11:15 EST 2000

Dear Mr. Ghose,

some references:

H. Bechert: "Buddhism and Buddhist Culture in Bangla Desh.", In: The
Buddhist, Vol. XLIV, No. 3( Aug-Dec. 1973, pp.1-9. 

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H. Bechert: "Zur Geschichte des Theravada-Buddhismus in Ostbengalen."
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Museums für Indische Kunst Berlin, Bd. 14), pp.45-66.

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Bangladesh." In: Studien zur Indologie und Buddhismuskunde. Vol.22
(Festschrift Bechert), Bonn 1993, pp.64-76.

with best regards
Johanna Buss, Heidelberg

Lynken Ghose schrieb:
> Hello Listmembers:
> Does anyone have any idea where I can locate articles/books on the Buddhist
> groups in the area near Chittagong etc. in present day Bangladesh? I heard
> that H. Bechert wrote some articles on this but I have not yet been able to
> locate them. Does anyone have any idea of the journal and/or book in which
> H. Bechert's or other articles on this subject are located?
> Thanks,
> Lynken Ghose
> Iowa State University
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