Dominik Wujastyk ucgadkw at UCL.AC.UK
Mon Sep 28 12:18:22 EDT 1998

Dear colleagues,

I apologise for yet another crude misuse of the academic INDOLOGY list.
Some Delhi graphics company has used our academic list for personal
advertisement and self-aggrandisement, in complete contradiction to the
published purpose of this group.  We exist for the promotion of
scholarship on classical India only, and we are not a general forum for
anything Indian, and above all not for anything commercial.

I advise you never to use the company DORA GRAPHICS or ALPANA ARTS, since
they are evidently careless of other peoples's interests, and ignorant of
basic netiquette.  Their behaviour in misusing our list for their
own commercial purposes may well be duplicated in their dealings with
individual clients.

Please also warn all your colleagues about these companies.  Our list
stands at ca. 600 members, so we should be able to reach quite a lot of

I am taking steps to block the company from further use of the list
forever, and to pursue them through their service provider.

All the best,

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  the History of Medicine,          Email:      d.wujastyk at
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