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Jibunnessa ycrnn14 at UCL.AC.UK
Fri Sep 18 09:55:55 EDT 1998

Dear Dominique

I've just had a look at the WEB site mentioned below,
and had NO PROBLEMS!!!

>>For more recent comments to the Indus Script decipherment
>>problem see:

>Once more time a fucking web site!
>I was interested by content, not by a tremendously great
>picture, consuming a lot of time and money before any
>serious information appears!  I resigned before the end.

Well, it's a shame that you did!  Though I don't have time
to read through the articles at this precise moment in time,
one thing I can say is that the picture on the front page is
the only one really (+ the odd textual graphics on the contents
page). All the other pages are just texts of probably interesting

>I'll never know what could be interesting. The lesser internet
>etiquette is to leave a choice to the user, not to act like an
>contemtible American moneymaker!

I don't think these are very helpful comments.  And to be so
textually viscious because of one attempt to access that took
longer than you hoped, is rather unfair!

I'm actually very grateful to the merry band of people all over
the world who can be bothered enough to take the time and trouble
to set up and maintain WEB pages containing useful and interesting
information/discussions (esp if they also contain bibliographies
as well)!

While I agree that some pages can be rather gimmicky and don't
take the user into consideration when designing, this is NOT one
of them!  And your comment about 'contemtible American moneymaker'
is rather offensive.  What are you talking about?  What money?
The site is simply disceminating information, and engaging in

This is my first encounter with the WEB site in question and I
have no vested interest in defending it.  However, let's NOT slag
off other people's efforts with such poison WITHOUT REASON!

Jibunnessa Abdullah

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