Q: A poem from Ciivaka cintaamaNi

Thomas Lehmann d53 at ix.urz.uni-heidelberg.de
Fri Jul 25 05:05:56 EDT 1997

GANESANS at cl.uh.edu wrote:
> I need a poem starting with the word "collarum" from the
> Tamil Jaina epic, ciivaka cintaamaNi. Can anyone send that
> viruttam for me please?
> The University of Koeln library catalogs, tamil classical texts,
> Tamil lexicon cannot be searched nowadays. Can somebody look
> into that please?
> Thanks
> N. Ganesan

Here it is:

53. col arum cuul pacum paampin_ tooRRam pool
mellavee karu iruntu iin_Ru meel alaar
celvamee pool talai niRuvit teernta nuul
kalvi ceer maantarin_ iRainci kaayttavee.
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