Appearance of lunar digit on Nandaa

Somdev Vasudeva somdev.vasudeva at
Thu Feb 29 08:53:13 EST 1996

A query regarding the appearance of the lunar digit on Nandaa, the first 
tithi of the " I seem to remember that the first few digits of 
the waxing moon in India form a lunar sickle which appears almost 
horizontal to the horizon, resembling a smiling mouth (with which it is 
often compared in kaavya lit.). Conversely, at the end of the waning 
fortnight the lunar digit would resemble an unhappy face. 
Here, (Oxford,UK) the sickle appears to slant strongly towards the upper 
right. Since my acquaintance with astronomy is 
infinitesimal, I would be very grateful for any information whether 
this apparent angle is indeed related to latitude or not.
Somdev Vasudeva

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