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Is it impossible for a man to be "sexy, promiscuous and humble"?! -JM.

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> Dear Amita Sarin:  
> The following verse is carved in Khajuraho:  
> VinayA shobhate vidyA  
> kulam shIlena shobhate  
> nItyaiva shobhate rAjyaM  
> pAnirdAnena shobhate.  
> This means "The sign of a well educated person is humility.  
> The sign of a good community is the character of its members  
> (which implies that the members be not sexy or promiscuous).  
> A good government is that that gives justice to its people.  
> The hand shines when it is charitable and helps others.That  
> is the true significance of Khajuraho.   
> Sincerely yours- M. Rajagopalan  (rajagopalanm at )  
> and B. N. Narahari Achar(acharb at

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