Veda's demise at NY Hinduja Ctr.

Wed Feb 28 17:00:12 EST 1996

Peter Gaeffke wrote:
"Whoever takes money from outside has to live with the stings attached to it".
How true.
He also writes," It remains a question whether scholars, especially in the
west, should abandon independent judgement and become involved.." in persuits
that "are not valid in their assessment of the past in a more scholarly

Read these:

Monier-Williams: "I must draw attention to the fact that I am only the second
occupant of the Boden Chair, and that its Founder, Colonel Boden stated
explicitly in his will (dated Aug 15, 1811,A.D.) that the special object of his
munificent bequest was to promote the translation of Scriptures into Sanskrit
so as to proceed in the conversion of the natives of India to the Christian
Religion" in preface to Sanskrit- English Dictionary.

H. H. Wilson was the first occupant of the Boden Chair of Sanskrit. The reason
for writing "The Religious and philosophical system of the Hindus" according to
his own statement :" These lectures were written to help candidates for a prize
of 200 pounds given by John Muir, a well known old Haileybury man and great
sanskrit scholar, for the best refutation of the Hindu Religious system"

The scholarly tradition goes on...
_Narahari Achar

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