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Dear colleagues:
	Recently, Dr. Tariq Rahman, a scholar from Pakistan has given a  
beautiful article to ASNIC.  The article is too long to post here. I do 
not like to fill up your mailbox with one article.   The title of the 
article is:

and some of the questions he discusses are:

    What was the language of the Indus Valley, present-day Pakistan, in 
the pre-Islamic period? Did this region have one language or many?  Did 
it have one language family or many? In which script,  or scripts, were 
they written?  These questions cannot be answered by the linguist alone. 
To answer them one needs the help of the archaeologist, the historian  
and the anthropologist. Let us then begin with the evidence about the 
Indus Valley civilization brought to light by the archaeologists first.

You can view this article at:

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