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>I should appreciate it if someone could provide me with the current 
>address of the Pali Text Society in the UK. Thanks. K. Zysk

Pali Text Society,
73 Lime Walk,
Oxford OX3 7 AD.
Roland Steiner
Department of Indology, University of Marburg
Wilhelm-Roepke-Strasse 6F
D-35032 Marburg
Tel.: 06421/282184
Fax: 06421/288913
email: steiner at

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Subject: Manuscript sales
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I am not sure if this is an appropriate thing to introduce in this forum but 
I think that it is important.
A manuscript dealer here in London is about to produce an illustrated 
catalogue of 175 manuscripts they have to sell in Sanskrit, Tibetan, Hindi 
and other languages. I have seen quite a few of them and some are very 
interesting. For instance: Gupta fragments of Buddhist canonnical works, an 
illustrated life of Mirabai, a large and unusual janamasaki collection from 
Amritsar of c. 1800, a fine ms of Banarasidasa's works copied in Agra by a 
third generation disciple of Banarasidasa, etc.etc.
On the one hand if anyone were interested in buying any of them I could pass 
your name on to the dealers.
On the other hand there is the issue of whether anyone should buy them or 
not. In a way the sale of manuscripts is not a thing to be encouraged as it 
may cause further 'exports' from South Asia and elsewhere.
On yet another hand if they are here, then it is a pity if they go into 
private collectors hands rather than into libraries where they can be 
generally accessible.
I find myself unable to decide what is the morally correct attitude to this 
Peter Friedlander

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