Analogies to Kabbalah -Reply

Tracy Pintchman TPINTCH at
Wed Feb 14 10:55:13 EST 1996

Take a look at Barbara Holdrege's book, Veda and Torah (SUNY Press,

>>> On 2/13, Srinivasan Pichumani wrote:
>>For example, a god being the embodiment of the Veda;
>>the letters of scripture being related to living           
>>creatures, deities, or the cosmos as to giving it       >>life,
form, definition, body, etc. through their             
>>organization or arrangement; the Vedas as a living
>>thing; the letters of the scriptures being the
>>mystical name of a god, etc.
  As far as I understand, the various Tantric traditions, to name
one, abound with such concepts... the description  of the Goddess as 
                mAtrkArNa svarUpiNI
                a-ka-ca-Ta-ta-pAdi varNe
                ekAkSarI etc. or using bIjAkSara are examples of

>>If anyone can help with general or specific references,  >>it will
be much appreciated. 

A.Bharati's "The Tantric tradition", Douglas Brooks's books,
"Understanding Mantras" edited by Harvey Alper,
Andre Padoux's "Vac: the concept of the word in selected
Hindu Tantras", may be of help...


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