Indus Kohistan

Herman van Banning c-asia-1 at
Mon Feb 12 17:53:59 EST 1996

Dear Ruth Smidt,
In 1985 I did my doctoral thesis (kind of masters degree in anthropology) on
Gujars in Swat-Kohistan ( a transhumant and pastoral nomadic tribe ) based on
fieldtrips in the area of Kalam, Utror- and Gujar Gabral.
As you probably will know Frederic Barth (when he is not pensioned yet and
before working atyour university and in teh Ethografic Museum in Oslo) made
pionering fieldwork in the region in the fifties.
I got some more upgraded info from project working on livestock from a couple
of years ago and know their addresses. Between the 'outlines' and 'evaluations'
and strategy plans' some interesting developments also. 
Let me know what's happening of what is of special interest for you.
best regards
Herman van Banning

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