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Sun Feb 11 21:13:08 EST 1996

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>Rock fans go with the flow
>The crowd at a rock concert may look like a seething mass of bodies, but there
>is a hidden order at work.  The discovery that crowd behaviour is not entirely  
>chaotic was made by Keith Still of the University of Warwick, Patrick Carr,
>operations manager at Wembly Stadium, and Mark Briggs, director of event
>Security, a company that provides security at rock concerts.

This so-called objective and scientific report grossly insults lovers of rock
music by suggesting that their behaviour was believed to be "entirely chaotic",
and referring to their bodies as "seething".  Obviously these so-called
Scientists have pinko-grey skins, and this has affected their judgement.  It is
typical that such so-called western Scientists use the word "chaos" to describe
the behaviour of honest rock crowds.  In spite of the fact that they have
dedicated their lives to understanding these rock crowds, these so-called
Scientists do nothing but misrepresent these rock music fans, falsely insulting
them with such pejorative, non-scientific words.

The word "seething" can only properly be used in second-order Eulerian
representations of approximate notional domains within dynamic fluid flow; any
other use, for example in describing Bon Jovi fans, is merely a pinko-grey
imperialist insult.

Kinimod Kytsajuw

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