Indecency on Indology-Net?

Sat Feb 10 09:41:18 EST 1996

Dear Rosser,
Your information on the recent coming bill is interesting.
I have seen khajuraho myself. Inspite of the consistent efforts of many westerners to make khajuraho cheap and
in spite of their description of khajuraho as exotic
the real understanding that people should have and spread about
khajuraho is that it stands for prinicples noble and lofty .
How do we know this and why there is need for correction for the erroneous
and damaging writings consistently written by many weternes since
some british colonialist wrote in a humiliating fashion about khajuraho as
exotic is the following among many verses in sanskrit written on
the walls of khajuraho :
vinaya shobate vidya
kulam seelena shobate 
nityayva sobate rajyam
kulamseelena sobhate.
	That means : The sign of an educated person is the humility that
he displays. The sign of a good family is the good character that its
members exhibit. The kingdom is for the people only when it gives
justice to all . The sign of a praiseworthy hand is the help and charity it gives .
	Please spread this message on khajuraho and not the incorrect and 
erroneous description such as exotic for khajuraho  m.rajagopalan .

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