Film on Holi

Wed Feb 7 16:05:03 EST 1996

dear people ,
Chaos theory is a part of mathematics . Please note this fact . Do not try to link that with
link that with the word " chaos ' used by indologists .They are two 
totally diffeent contexts . The mathematics " chaos' does not lend
 any honourable nature to the word Chaos used by Indologists. Some indologists
use the word chaos  without knowing that it has an offensive connotation 
against the society to which it refers . Perhaps such innocent indologists
will correct themselves  after being pointed out that that word was used
by some missionaries with racist motives ( like Max muller) to
 to insult  
and denigrate Hinduism and other non-white cultures. But some determined
racist indologists keep hammering on using that word and try to get respecta-
bility for that word by going out of context and keep using that
insulting word to describe hinduism in a wrong way . Real scholars of Indology
should watch for this and should not represent a society in a wrong way
( even by innocence ) when they want to be scientific.  M.Rajagopalanm

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