Film on Holi & Occidentalism

Yvette C. Rosser y.r.rani at
Sat Feb 3 21:11:44 EST 1996

The subaltern treatment of Holi may be of interest to  Mr. Rajagopalan.  In
his book, "Elementary Aspects of Peasant Insurgency in Colonial India"
Ranajit Guha who, as his name indicates is not as pale as
double-roti-overly-bleached white bread <g>, looks at the Holi festival as
a time of role reversal in which societal norms are turned on end.
("Elementary Aspects of Peasant Insurgency in Colonial India" -pg. 33.)

And, Re:
The Conference on Philosophy and the reference to "Western" as synonymous
with "American"--

Perhaps the tendency for non-westerners to essentialize occidental culture
as "American" is a bit of reverse orientalism. . .  reified Occidentalism?

Yvette Rosser

P.S.  It **SNOWED** it Austin, Texas this morning . . . nows that's a role

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