South indian incised mss

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Fri Feb 2 07:10:55 EST 1996

On Fri, 2 Feb 1996 10:08:25 +0000 I received the following message from an
anonymous sender (I think it was posted to the Indology forum but as the
return address was "???@???" and there was nothing else in the header I
can't be sure):

>How do you handle *incised* south Indian palm leaf mss.?

>They can be a real problem, especially if the writing does not
>come out because they have not be treated with lemon grass oil etc.

This subject interests me very much also. I know south indian mss were
incised first and inked afterwards, but I have never heard they were
treated with "lemon grass oil" and I don't know what's under the "etc.".
If anybody has any precisions or comments about this I'll be delighted to
read them.
Thank you in advance.

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