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>To: Wujastyk Dr Dominik
>I'm trying to identify the author of a letter in a little collection 
>currently being catalogued.  The date is 1881, place of address Colombo and 
>the signature looks like "W. Sulehuti"; a later owner of the letter has 
>commented underneath "Buddhist monk, best Pali scholar in Ceylon".  It would 
>be nice to be sure that I've read the signature correctly - does that name 
>or a variant thereof ring any bells with you .
This is probably Waskaduwe Subhuti who was personally known to Late
Professor T . W . Rhys - Davids while he was serving in Sri Lanka as a
colonial officer of the British Raj . I recollect seeing a note in a PTS
Journal of the 19th Century referring to Waskaduwe Subhuti but cannot quote
the year offhand . I could locate it and send it along later .
Bhikkhu Dhammavihari

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