siva vinadhara

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Thu Feb 1 06:45:14 EST 1996

For starters you might try: Hawley, John Stratton, "The Boston Vinadhara
Siva," Journal of the Oriental Institute [Baroda] 33:1-2 (1983): 141-46 [I
don't recall how far back his own discussion traces the form;

There are a few agamic sources cited in Gopinatha Rao, T. A.. Elements of
Hindu Iconography. 2 vols. 1914. reprint ed. Varanasi: Indological Book
House, 1971, vol. II.2, pp. 289-292.

I appreciate hearing back if you find still better sources.


Michael Rabe
Saint Xavier University
School of the Art Institute of Chicago

>can anybody help me with the name of a(n English language preferably) text
>dealing with the iconology and signifiacnace of Siva as vinadhara?
>Or even any ideas as to when this image first emerges. The earliest
>sculpture that I can find is from Asanpat, about 5th century.
>Thanks in advance
>School of Music and Music Education
>University of NSW

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