Skt. lexicography

Jonathan Silk SILK at AC.GRIN.EDU
Sun Feb 5 18:28:32 EST 1995

        A few days ago I mentioned a paper, without a full reference.  It is:

Marek Mejor, "Some Problems of Sanskrit Lexicography (Review Article),"
Studien zur Indologie und Iranistik 16 / 17 (1992): 149-60.

        This takes account of the Poona Dictionary through III.1.  As I
said, Mejor deals mostly with philosophical vocabulary, much but not all
from Buddhist Abhidharma texts, and shows that there are serious problems
with the "historical" aspects of the Dictionary, as well as other serious
issues (such as the citation of "reconstructions" -- translations into
Sanskrit from Chinese or Tibetan -- as lexical sources).  Mejor's article
is well worth reading, and will lead one to reevaluate  the utility of the
dictionary, I suspect.

        Another issue which might be of some interest to consider is the
quality (not to mention the source) of the English renderings of terms in
the Poona Dictionary.

Jonathan Silk


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