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Sun Jan 24 20:28:25 EST 1993

I am compiling a handbook of networked resources for Religious Studies
(and related areas). This bibiography is freely available on the Net
from listserv at uottawa or listserv at as
mystics v1-txtx and mystics v2-txt.

Can you send me information on  INDOLOGY LIST
to be included in the bibliography?

Thank you kindly,

Michael Strangelove
Department of Religious Studies
University of Ottawa

         BITNET: 441495 at Uottawa
         Internet: 441495 at Acadvm1.Uottawa.CA
         S-Mail: 177 Waller, Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 6N5 CANADA
         Voice:  (613) 747-0642
         FAX:    (613) 564-6641

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